Annette J Beveridge - Author, Publisher and Conservationist.

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Annette J Beveridge is an author/publisher and dedicated conservationist and has worked in animal rescue, wildlife monitoring, conservation and is passionate about environmental issues. Enviro-Veritas (EV News) is a part of Creative1 Publishing and has been set up to generate awareness about the many environmental injustices and nature success stories across the globe.

EV NEWS is a monthly digital newspaper

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The United Kingdom is incredibly nature-depleted but there are environmental issues in every country. Awareness of these issues is everything as only then, can these injustices be overcome. The newspaper also contains wildlife news and success stories.

Enviro-Veritas News

Annette J Beveridge is the founder of Creative1 Publishing where she helps authors to achieve their dreams of publication and also writes professional-level courses – many in conservation. She is the founder of EcoHive and the magazine Wild Insight. Annette is passionate about standing up for nature and through her various websites and this newspaper, believes it is possible to encourage more people to experience and to love the joys of nature while defending the natural world against its many threats.

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