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Enviro-Veritas is all about environmental truths – hence the title of our newspaper and website. We investigate wildlife conservation, and rewilding projects and research scientific articles, speaking to those at the very heart of nature. We stand for Planet Earth.

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Enviro-Veritas News is our new environmental newspaper. We are writers and publishers and we care about the many environmental injustices that are occurring on a global level. We also care about strong, investigative journalism.

Knowledge is empowering and inaction can be deadly – in fact, it has led to a disastrous situation currently – that of climate change. When we fail to act, we become observers as the world as we know it faces the biggest threats possible. Areas around the world are already suffering through the climate emergency.

We MUST be aware of the reality and understand how it will affect us and how it will affect nature. As an intelligent species, many of our actions have been incredibly selfish, irresponsible, and self-defeating.

Do you care about nature?

Nature lovers need to unite. When we do so, we can create a barrier against environmental injustices but we have to be aware of what is happening before we can take action. The needs of our beautiful planet is both complex and intricate. As we travel through life, we often do not realise the damage that is being done in our name. The loss of land, the poisoned fields and rivers, and the overbuilding of houses or commercial buildings in sensitive areas.

We are losing the Amazon due to palm oil plantations and we stand to lose vibrant ecosystems as a result. The health of the very land we stand upon depends on a careful natural balance. Through human interference, we have upset this delicate balance and fragile ecosystems are under threat constantly.

Enviro-Veritas News

In EV News, our focus is wholly on the natural world and the implications through both human and natural occurrences. We bring accurate, engaging and insightful articles revealing the true state of the planet today.

We include information about:

  • Endangered species
  • Environmental destruction
  • Political decisions that impact the natural world
  • Interviews with conservationists, scientists and environmentalists
  • Wildlife success stories

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